Tuesday, June 7, 2011

torpid tuesday

if a day can be

this morning had a feel to it
when I got up
the lake was as clear as a mirror
there was a lot of wild life going on out there
ducks and geese and herons and turtles
and they all
upon my arrival
the baffle head mama duck had the babies out
and she was sitting on a log in the water
and a few of the babies were with her and the others were swimming in circles around her
making ripples
the heron was standing on the dock
and the geese were over at the other side of the dock
just their heads showing
such a great shot
I tell you
but you will never see it
as I said
they were gone in an instant

but it didn't stop me from
the one above is me trying to be artsy
it's upside down
see the log
in the sky???
:) :) :)

and here you can almost see the geese through the trees and bushes
the ivy trees 

the husband joined me
and scared away all the birds I was trying to shoot
as he sneezed a rather loud and mighty sneeze
and then instructed me to take a few shots of the
ivy trees
the one above is what he saw
he planted the ivy a few years ago
and up the trees it went
there is none left on the ground
as he cleared it when the house next door was being fixed
and the neighbour now doesn't mow down there

the sun was at the wrong angle to show it properly
but you get the drift

the magnolia is being uncooperative this year
all the flowers are way up high and I can't get them
the one I tried to snap was full of bugs and nasty creepy crawlies and I got covered in

this is called gold dust
it's a little bush
it's all that's left of the
very big one we had
before it was moved
it shouldn't have been moved
as it was just fine where it was
and it was happy where it was
and it showed its displeasure by

the day lilies are blooming
they are happy and where they belong
and no one is going to move them

:) :) :)

then the wind started blowing and the humidity started floating in
and I left the outside
and came back


where I finished my latest
 melon addition
these aren't melons but they are made with the
never ending supply of
melon coloured yarn

I got to play with my
sewing machine
and use the old noggin to make a lining for it
which isn't difficult but you do have to remember how
especially those corner bits that make it stand up

and of course it was finished off with my favourite
edging stitch
and it was nice to play with the fabric for a change
in between
being alert for the sounds of being needed
as the husband is working outside
doing various and sundry
and using all his
noisy toys
but it's getting done and he doesn't seem to need help
I did get to power wash the table tops and the
nasty trash compactor
but I was forbidden to wash the patio
yes I said

this is the only melon I have left
the others I made have gone to others
and that's a good thing
melon ed
have to go
I think it's cleaning up time

be good


Valeria said...

love youre pic´s as always :)) nice shot of the flowers

great job with the basket and i loveeee the inside of it

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Your lake is so wonderful & peaceful! With all your lovely greenery & blooms! How relaxing to just sit & watch the animals go about their daily way! I would be so happy to sit with you & enjoy your company & sip on a tainted brew....

I adore your basket...all inside and out :')

The Garden Bell said...

OH, how I wish I could look out on a lake in the early morning hours. Pop over I too am still stuck on the Watermelons. Just finished my pillow one. Hope to post a tut in the next day or so.

Teresa said...

Marilyn, you live in such a gorgeous place, where is that?! I love the photos you post...
I still don't know the name of the flowers you asked about (the yellow one and the tree with the heart shaped flowers) but I'll see if someone can tell me at the plant nursery.
Those melons are so in season :-) and fresh!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, I've been out of it this past week. I gotta get this baby blanket finished and then finish up with school and then I am gonna make some dang watermelons. :) Love those pretty baskets you are crocheting. Sounds like you had a lovely day of wandering. Enjoy! We got nothing but heat and dust. Yuck! Best wishes, Tammy