Friday, June 10, 2011

found it...

the reason for the huge numbers on our blog stats
it's one of those
robot thingy ma dos
that scans the web
remember a few months ago
we were finding
adult sites showing up
and a few people changed
blog sites because of it?
I found something called
and there is something else out there
but I can't find what
the numbers frome the blogs I have on my list are showing
huge numbers of visitors

I have to cut this short the save function isn't working
a post with no pictures

and a tiny bit of info....

OK one picture
of what I did this morning!!!!
have to go before the bloody thing blows up



The Garden Bell said...

Grrrrrr. is right. Something has wiped out both my google toolbar and yahoo toolbar since yesterday. All my short cut tabs are gone. This sure is getting old fast. I'm with ya....

Valeria said...

i dont understand what you are talking about :)) but hubby bought me a new comp yesterday so ive been busy moving info from the old to the new
great weekend to you sweety

NillaK said...

Well, at least I haven't had any problems posting so far. And I don't fell I have to comment, I want to but just give myself the time. And I know how much each and every comment on my blog means to me... :) Yes, we have a nice garden, although not so well kept I guess. But I wish my kids had the forest to play in, like I did!

Kathryn Ashcroft said...

I've been having similar issues with large numbers showing up on my stats with no explanation. Wepostalot is also listed on my 'traffic sources' too. Thought it was just mine that had gone crazy! Don't like it when things like this happen :( xxx

T's Daily Treasures said...

I don't check stats so have no idea what you are talking about. I just blog and post and hope that works out for me most days. Evenings are difficult -- so many people on limited servers here. I downloaded Google Chrome because Internet Explorer wasn't working so I switch between the two when I have problems. One always works better than the other for certain things. With Google Chrome, I can't change the font and color, although photos upload faster. Crazy! I am having a very sad today, having to put my outside Sweet Kitty to sleep this morning. The tears are flowing like rain. Best wishes to you, Tammy