Saturday, June 11, 2011

the ones we love

Oh my goodness has it been an emotional couple of weeks.
there have been some really sad things happening
stories of people having encounters with animals
that have sad endings
You sit there and read about what happened
and find the tears rolling down your face
and you sob for the pain and hurt
that has been felt
 sharing stories of these creatures
they have come in contact with
whether it be a  street cat
or a new born cygnet
or a baby bird in your garden
food and love and companionship are given lovingly and freely
you do everything you know how to do
and the end result is that
Nature steps in
and breaks your heart
big time
I feel for each of you 
 I have had my share of these wonderful encounters with animals too
I tend to step back now and not get involved
sounds harsh and mean
but I can't do it anymore
knowing the end result in most cases
of course that's what I say and think
until the next one comes along

Tammy....we had a wild cat for a while
my husband found it in the middle of the road one freezing cold night
on his way back from work
he brought it home and gave it a saucer of milk
and was surprised to find it still here the next morning!!!
we fed it and the kids played with it for a while
it wouldn't come very close to us so we made it a warm box and put the food out
it stayed in the garden and seemed to be happy
it grew and got all cute...
and we were getting ready to let it come inside and live with us
but it never made it
I won't say what happened one dark night
but it killed us having to tell the kids the next morning

you know how I felt about Little One
and I know what it has done  to you
the rest of those who watched as you recorded the daily events of this tiny little thing are sad too

but what has happened now with the mama swan is just magical
but it doesn't take the pain away
it somehow makes it a little more bearable that she can share her loss with you!!

and Ruth
you poor thing
I was in tears yesterday reading about the little bird in your garden
knowing how hard you tried to help
and not being able to
know that you were fighting a losing battle
Nature separates those that won't make it
she knows and we don't
and that's when our humanity
gets trampled on and the pain of seeing it
is too much
you were there at the end and it wasn't alone
take comfort in that

I don't mean to be maudlin and dramatic
but our encounters with the animals of all kinds
can make us feel things we didn't know we could
the street cats in all the cities in all the world live and die alone
as do the strays in the woods and fields all over
it isn't until we encounter one of them that we know they are there
the wild birds that fly overhead don't mean much until you get up close and personal with
and discover birds have personalities and feelings too
and the nests that fill the trees and bushes
have life in them
and the chance to watch from a distance
and see the babies in the nest is just wonderful

it all starts and ends
all the time
and most people don't even notice
but a few do
the ones with wide open hearts at the ready
 in most cases it's all wonderful and happy
and then
there are the times
it isn't
and it's hard
and not fair
and it

you are all wonderful people

yes you are!!!!


elaine said...

Such a heartfelt post, thank you for putting our feelings into words so beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn, I have read your kind words and yet again I am welling up inside. Yesterday has really affected me and has changed me and I really do feel truly saddened by yesterday's events. It broke my heart. Every time I think of yesterday I have a pain right in the middle of my chest and the tears start all over again for that poor little bird who now rests under the tree in my garden. I have a lot of large rocks in the garden and I have arranged them all to mark where he lies and also to stop cats, etc disturbing his little resting place. How people can just put animals in the dustbin, etc is beyond me.

I knew the minute I saw that poor thing yesterday morning that all was not right and I tried my hardest to stay away and let Nature do her thing but when I went back to see him and saw him the way he was I knew I just couldn't leave him alone - he had already been left once, how could I do it again to him?! I tried and tried to get him to drink and eat - I was digging up worms with my bare hands in desperation. When his end came I just sat with him in my lap and I just couldn't stop the tears - it was uncontrollable sobbing tears like you do when you are little and you cry tears that shake your whole body - the guilt is still with me now even though I know I probably couldn't have done any more but it just won't go away - it's like it has buried itself right inside me. I've found it really hard to go into the garden today so I have left it and stayed away as I just can't face it at the moment. I guess the only thing I have is that he lives on forever on my blog but if I would give anything to change what happened yesterday I really, truly would. But I also know that if it came to it I would do it all again if I had to if the situation ever arose again.

Andi said...

M, you are quite fantastic for being so thoughtful for sharing in their heartbreak. Ruth had me in tears! :) You are love M!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Thanks Marilyn. Ironically, your words are exactly the same that I shared with someone when they thought people weren't doing enough after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I told her that tragedies occur each and every day and yet we don't think about them until a full blown one occurs that the whole world hears about through the media. If Sweet Kitty had just never come back, I would have wondered what happened to her, but wouldn't know and wouldn't be quite as sad knowing that I was the one who had to make the decision to put her to sleep. I know it was the right thing because she was so pitiful not being able to eat or drink. The weather is just awful and I don't see many cats right now. I wonder where they all are able to go to find comfort. They must wander the streets at night as do most people this time of year, so they likely aren't safe (the cats, not the people). Not a lot of respect for animals in this country. Have a great week and thanks for your kind words. Best wishes, Tammy