Monday, June 13, 2011

this dessert is called a
bumble berry tart
apples blackberries and raspberries
in a flaky pastry shell
Friday night's goodie
one of the new foods at the grocery store
we will have it again!!!
just because of the name
but it was

Saturday night some moron started a fire that blacked out the sky and the lake
and it
stunk up the house
in this season of dry

Friday the magnolia had a bloom I thought I could get up close and personal with
as soon as I saw it was opening I ran down to snap it
but the bugs and yucks got there first
and I couldn't, wouldn't
get that close

I tested a pattern for a friend and it worked
she made the pattern and figured out the seed situation
and I made the hot pad

more info later
it's from
on flickr
where you can find her blog too

Friday I had to water the plants

because it had been so hot and dry
and when I did
I saw the patterns

then I found a tiny
littlest of all
in one of the beds

so I lifted it and put it in a small pot

along with a tiny panda from one of hubbies bonsai failures
and it's doing well
and panda is happy to be helping hold it up

the flower is the size of my thumb nail
so I had to
I am on
pass the drill through the window
so I can't stay long
well I can't stay
I hear the tapping on the window
once more

see ya!!!!