Monday, May 30, 2011

hot hot hot

outside right now
it feels like
105 degrees F

40.5 C
sounds so much closer to reality in

I am not going out there
I refuse
so I'm in
and I'm staying in
and anyone who stays out there
is nuts
we ran out this morning to get
the resident handyman
Papa's day present
early yes
but on sale better!!!
so he's occupied for a while
putting it all together and
dreaming of the things he will do
or could have done had he had it sooner
it's a saw and a table that will hold anything he needs it to hold
and work on
I asked if I could use it to
hold my embroidery
and he said
this is what I have been doing
among other things

I will be coming to the end

of my

"watermelon period"

very soon

I just have to make another set for someone

and then we will move on
to something else

the room is too clean and tidy
need another shot of inspiration
and that "shot" I had the other day
didn't come to anything
so off I go back to the cool of the couch
and try to finish what I started
hope you are all well and cool

I think the not being able to comment problem is over
if you don't
hit the
keep me signed in button
it all seems to work

but you have to keep
signing in