Monday, May 16, 2011

monday at the desk in...


found it interesting how many say it's hard to do this stitch
I hope the video I linked to
 helps you try it again
or for the first time
this is what is called
brainless work once you have it figured out

not that you have to be brainless to do it
no no no

it's so easy, you can do it without thinking about it


is making one too
only hers is much prettier as the yarn is mohair and the colours deeper
and she's making the knots much smaller
 I saw hers after I had seen some somewhere
probably on Ravelry
and the variegated yarn she is using sparked the thought I should make one
I only had that one ball, which is why I had to go back and get a second

(I am continuing with another yarn I have
you'll see it down a bit on the page)

while I was re-organizing
the organization
of the organizing
I came across the embroidery I had bought a while ago
I saw a pillow on someones blog
and as it was in the first days of my blog hopping I was pretty shy about asking where she had got it
but I asked and was told she found it on e-bay  :(

(it's an old old piece from Avon of all places and it's.......from 1974!!!!
reminded me of the things I used to make when I was a mere child)

so when I heard that I gave up thinking I would ever have it
and then
and then
while looking through Etsy one day
THERE was the pillow
unfinished, still in it's bag
in perfect condition
and she wanted $20 for it
I gave her the $20 and when it came I put it away
and two years later or more now
it's on the desk and I've done a couple of squares
and I'm not using the nasty old "wool"
I using some lovely
new DMC thread

for being an oldie

the fabric is in amazingly good shape

and using the thread makes it

old looking

above is an example of what happens when you do it in the evening
and can't see that you changed colour
but I may just leave it
flowers do do that sometimes
change colour mid way!!!
and it shows that I am not a mere child anymore!!!
the eyesight is getting as old as the piece!!!

after I posted yesterday
I started on the other shawl
sat outside with it for a while
the weather is being so well behaved these days
cool and rainy and sun shiny with pretty white clouds floating overhead
so I just sat and hooked
until the bloody mowers and chain saws and leaf blowers
started up
men and their noisy toys
and no it wasn't the hubs
it was all the other hubs

so I came back inside
cooked dinner
and just kept hooking
all evening long
because it's brainless
and easy and fun
so am I!!!!

"pull up loop
 pull through lp, sc in back strand of long lp"

I'll finish it today as I have little else to do
it's raining again
the house is still presentable
it's too early to care about dinner
so I'll be here hooking
sewing when the wrist gets tired
and hoping those in the
path of the flood waters
are sensible  enough to get out of the way
and know that
plastic and duct tape aren't going to keep you safe and dry!!!!

have a good day all
I'll "see" you soon.....



Valeria said...

looks hard and i cant lose my brain at the moment :) but its fun to try new things

NillaK said...

What a fun embroidery, like a colour book for children! :) The second shawl looks lovely too. The fun part about this stitch is that it looks so different depending on the yarn since the stitches are so loose. And I still think that your shawl is prettier than mine! :) Right now I'm working on three shawls with love knots at the same time, building up a little stock to sell later on. It's really fun and easy, so sorry that not everyone dares to try it!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Marilyn, is there anything you can't do? Crochet, knitting, embroidery ... such lovely handiwork. I haven't had time for much lately. Why is it that some days seem so much shorter than others or it is all the stuff that eats up your time that makes it seem that way. This is the first I've been able to sit for a bit in peace and quiet and it is 9:25 pm and I am oh so tired! I will have to check out the link you posted for this stitch. It is so pretty! And must work up quickly since you've completed another or just about have. The embroidery piece from Avon is so pretty. Great work! Have a great rest of the day. Tammy

Eva said...

Lovely ~~~
But it looks hard ;*)
Maybe I will try it sometime...I like to do things, thinking of outher things, and to find out that everything is soo good :-)


Eva said...

...hmm, my english...I mean other of course...


Anonymous said...

I love the embroidery (and the shawl). It looks to me as though the flowers were meant to change colour. My Mother embroidered a beautiful Irish linen table cloth for her sister in law's silver wedding aniversary, back in the 60s. I will try and show you one day, and I'm sure the flowers changed colour like that. You cannot seem to get Irish linen like that any more. You have another good find there! It was meant for you! Mia S

Valerie said...

what can't you do/make ?!
wow I'm amazed how multi-talented you are !!
and about the blue scarf pattern, I must be in a serious state of "more than brainless" !!!