Thursday, May 26, 2011

have almost had it...

with blogger
now we can't leave comments
on other blogs
just did a quick blog hop to some of my favourites
and can't leave a comment
(just erased a long rant
but decided I don't want to b---- and complain about silly things anymore
positive brings positive

well while it's working let's have a go at a post shall we


yesterday some time was spent helping the
resident handy man on a chore or two
took it into his head that the grass needed cutting
on the hottest day so far
but only after the gutters were cleaned
the downspouts were cleared
 of all the crap that gets stuck up there and in there
not the most pleasant job
let me tell you
my job is to stand at the bottom of the downspout
and with stick in hand
because an old broom stick doesn't fit inside a curved pipe
no matter how much he says it will
and poke around inside said pipe
while he shoots water down it
needless to say you don't have to be rocket scientist to figure out
that when the clog clears the water comes pouring out
all over moi
who then gets and attitude
and the pleasant task of helping ones spouse
do what is necessary
turns nasty
he is up there
in control of the water and blower
and I am down here
and I do not like
slime and stink
all over me
no i
when I
try to help
he doesn't listen to
and that does not help the
so you can imagine the scene and I will leave it at that

:(    :)   :|

when said task was done
well, when I had had enough of being sprayed and slimed

 :) :) :)

I came inside and washed and changed and removed the gunk from the bottom of my shoes
peeeeeeeeee  u

and returned to the task of making those 
non pumpkins I told you about

why I had to do it I can not say
I just did

and I finished them and this is what I have

they measure 3.5" tall
and I don't know what to say they are
a pincushion comes to mind
so a pin cushion is what I will say they are
do you ever get something in your mind and just have to do it
I hope so
or I'm as nuts as I feel
now that I show you!!!

I was looking through some Japanese books on Amazon or Etsy
and saw these puffy fabric flowers in one
and grabbed some fabric and proceeded to make one
I don't remember what the Japanese name is for the flowers
but when I did a search on
"puffy Japanese flowers"
I saw the same sort of thing on a blog
which I don't have the link to
(helpful today aint I!!)
and while I was cutting and sewing I wondered
 for some unknown reason
what it would look like
who had so much trouble trying to make a circle with two straight needles
wonders this!!!!
well, long story short went back to the tuts online to find out how
and this is what I did
had to figure out how many stitches and rows
how to hold the dpns with a sore hand
but I did it and
ta daaaa!!!
three little balls
because the first and second were too small
so more rows were needed
had to remember to make the increases and decreases the same
and then thought at the end
I probably could have found the whole thing somewhere
as in a knitted pumpkin!!!
and not had to use the math skills I don't have
never have had
and never will have

but it's fun figuring things out
even if you end up with sore hands and all out of breath because you forget to breathe as you go!!!

OK now I'm pissed
the photos won't load
so I'm going to see what's up
see you all later