Tuesday, May 24, 2011

tuesday troubles....

again with the not knowing what to put for a title

no troubles really
got an idea in my head this morning and have been trying to make it happen
I saw something made of fabric the other day and am trying to turn it into knitting
have had to look up how to make a ball with out it being a ball
more pumpkin shaped but not a pumpkin

tried to make some really loud colourful cloths
with all the really loud colourful cotton I have
can't do it folks
while I love brightly coloured things for summer
and I have made some in the past
 I just can't bring myself to do it
I get almost to the end
out it comes
need some inspiration from the internets

this has been the shortest day I can remember
and I didn't get up late
so I don't know what's going on
ran out to post something for the hubs
got cat food

(mummy's little angel had a bad morning today
presented us with a squirrel sized hair ball
not the most pleasant thing
but rather out than in
she was not in the mood to have a camera in her face)


and a whole lot of other stuff we really don't need
but that's what happens when you go to the store and you're
bored and hungry
so I don't know what to eat for dinner
cold chicken and something
chicken salad like last night
 salad and something
fish and something else
ham and cheese and salad on a fresh french loaf
lasagna with artichokes, spinach  tomatoes and something else I can't remember
that yelled my name as I walked by
our grocery has a new brand of food and so far it's all been really good
it's made in North Carolina and I like it
tasty and not expensive
:) :) :)

had a chance to get yarn but I didn't
don't need any more until I do something with what I have
yadda yadda yadda

found this at the bottom of the pile
so I finished it

a pillow top for outside
if it ever stops raining and storming

it's hot and humid
so a tall glass of cold and crisp was in order

with a slice of lime

and followed shortly after by a
cup of tea


so what happened to the last post
don't know
it's gone
and I don't care anymore
the page is jumping again
the cursor isn't where it should be
and I think blogger needs to fix what's broke
before letting anyone else sign up

how can anyone be in a bad mood
with this little face staring at you
from behind the monitor
such a sweetie!!!

if you're still awake after this ramble
I wish you a good evening
or whatever it is where you are

see you soon
hopefully with the ball that isn't a ball
and a pumpkin shaped non pumpkin!!!!

I'm off to stare at the food and see what stares back
! !



Anonymous said...
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Valeria said...

i have been so sleepy for the last coule of days ,not getting to much sleep i guess .

youre knitting looks really good and i woud like aĆ° cold glass of fresh water thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweetie!! Mia S

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Marilyn, days are just flying by around here. Hubby is on a business trip and somehow I always think I will have fun in his absence, but it never works out that way as I still have to work and keep things running and home and the chores are never ending. I love how you just whipped up some watermelon items for your friend. Wonderful! I can't look at something and make it -- I kinda need something to go by. But have had no time of late for any crocheting which makes me very sad. But the weekend begins this afternoon so I hope to do some crafting. Why does cleaning always have to get in the way? Take care! Best wishes, Tammy

Allyson said...

Your cushion with the plain middle is lovely! The flowers are just beautiful, and I'm very intrigued with your pumpkin that's not a pumpkin! It makes me think of an acorn hat...you know, like pixies are supposed to wear.