Saturday, May 14, 2011

the geese

we have a family

just one this year

they let me snap them this morning

but they didn't let their own kind come too close
I wish you could have heard the noise at this point
the two in the back were letting papa know they were not happy
to be rejected

 one came to see the babies

and they let it

what made me go outside was the mother goose
chasing off a nosy parker
who must have gotten too close
so she was already upset
when I arrived
and as I have learnt to stay still and not too close
they are beginning to ignore me
I like it when they do that!!!


cathy said...

At the hospital I used to work we were right on the lake. I use to love watching the geese, of course we had to feed them. It was so much fun to watch when they had their babies with them.fehabids

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures of the geese and the reflections in the water. Mia S

Andi said...

Love the Geese family, M! I beleive our geese just left to cooler places. They don't much care for our 110 degree weather, smart geese!:) XO

Valeria said...

what a wonderful family you have there
i need to go and if the beautiful swan has a family up by the lake here