Thursday, May 19, 2011

a tropical rainstorm...

is what we have been under for days and days
the weather is going backwards
as in
it's coming from the East and South
and it keeps bringing storms that may look small on the maps
but can suddenly blow up into
 downpours, gulleywashers and rivers running through
lightning streaking across the sky and thunder that shakes the house
and as of the other night in Maryland

this is the other evening
when I saw the goslings and had a meltdown I was so happy!!!


this is last evening as it started to rain and there is so much water coming into the lake
it started to make patterns

this is papa goose leading the babies to safety after they were startled by a
very very
loud thunder boomer
 the light is rubbish but you can see the babies
little dinosaurs that they are!!
raptors on the neighbours lawn!!
but I'm not involved
not at all
not one bit


  the second knot scarf
was finished two evenings ago

that peruvian cotton is so fabulous
so nice to work with
hangs so well
drapes too!!!

maybe the sister will want it
if she does
it's yours Jeroge

these little blue flowers are all that was blooming
it's called blue-eyed grass
 it's wild and if the husband has a chance he
rips it out
or mows it down
but I have saved some and planted it in the flower bed in the front

you can see
sort of
how small it is

 small is my thing these days
I show it and it makes me happy
look at the middle
yellow and black
and that beautiful blue
would love to find a yarn in that blue
coz blue is my thing too
and it makes me happy

are you happy
I so hope so

it's about to pour down buckets again
the sound of distant thunder is kind of neat
and although I know there are those who hate this weather
it's nice to go out and smell the air
that was over the ocean just a while ago
if you close your eyes
you can pretend you're by the sea

if you ignore the sound of the tree eating machines
there is a crew outside trimming the trees along the road side
you know one of the things I have to shoot around
because we don't want real life getting in the way


thank you for visiting
I'm off to visit you all
before the machine that knows all
has to be shut down
if that noise outside gets closer
wouldn't want it to get fried
then I couldn't write
all these posts

see ya


allertadele said...

Crumbs you do certainly get the weather there! Lovely scarf.

MrS. :d (eLLeN) said...

Woman...What a beautiful shawl! You can make me one too if you want...LoL

I wish we had some rain here. We are only getting very very high water from the northern melting snows & rains. The mighty Mississippi river over flow is rushing down over us! So many communites drowning along the way.

Your little teeny tiny pale blue flowers are such an inspiration! What a lovely crocheted flower that would make, yes????


NillaK said...

Those little blue flowers are just sooo pretty! Light blue has always been one of my favourite colours. And your shawl is beautiful! You are so right about the addictive part... :) Hugs from a sunny Sweden!

Valeria said...

you are a fast knitter ,very pretty that shawl .

you sure have alot of those rain storms :( dont like it ... its not very hot here at the moment but no rain thats good

Valerie said...

I hope you're safe (weather conditions) ?!

I love the blue scarf. I love blue I love the knots/pattern. my friend Mervi (flickr) made one last year very similar and I never managed to figure how that works, even on Rav !