Sunday, May 15, 2011

no ufos here...

I think the bowl has been identified and if so
it's even more of a bargain
than first thought
lucky me
 I don't care if it is or isn't
(but I think it is)
I have it
and that's all that counts!!!

went on a little trip up the road in between raindrops yesterday
I had to get another ball of yarn
because I only bought one for some unknown reason
and the husband had to replace something he broke the other day

I am getting worried about the
useless craft store
it seems to be revamping
like so many other establishments of commerce
are these days
and they seem to be taking out what is wanted and bringing in
sorry, but that's what it is
things that will be on the clearance shelves in a few weeks

the grocery stores are doing the same thing
taking what is popular and always out
and putting rubbish on the shelves
we found a really good tea that both of us liked
it just happened to be
Tetley British Brew
nice black tea... plain and simple and
 it isn't there anymore
but if you want
every flavour you can imagine added to your tea
then by all means be our guest
and those paper towels you use, that last a whole day and that actually stay together even if you scrub
no... sorry, we offer these fall apart if you even think of water ones
the more you have to use
the more we have to sell
drives me up the

like the flowers they have to offer this year
adverts on TV tell you and show you all the beauties blooming and looking lush
and just drooly
and no I don't believe everything I see on tee vee
but go to the store
you find half dead, dried up, even though it just rained, ugly, yucky, messes...
and the prices
I am not paying $5 for a dead plant and one wouldn't do it anyway coz they are on the small side at that price
and the prices
went up for Mother's Day last week
almost $30 for a pot of ugly and the kids were all smiles
 but the Dads weren't

so I got the yarn
and we got what he broke
and then some!!

I saw this and fell in love
as I do...

(the pots not the shriveled up plants)

they're called
cupcake pots
and are attached to the tray
as I was walking through the store with it clutched  in my hot little hands
I got admiring glances and two ladies asked where I had found it

I didn't have the heart to tell them
I got the last one

and the yarn I had to get was because
 I found something I had to make
and I did
and then ran out of yarn

Lover's Knot
Solomon's Knot
Celtic Knot
Never ending Knot
call it what you will

I call it


and I love it
so seldom that I start and finish
so no ufos
(un finished objects)
here today!!!!
it's half wool and half acrylic

so of course I had to start another
with the cotton I got in
Nag's Head
hope this flies off the hook as fast as the first!!!

the evening was spent on the couch
spaghetti and meatballs
lemon pudding
a cup of tea
scary movies
accompanied by a
huge rolling thunder and lightning storm
that dumped
wonderful rain on us
without any drama

and it made the flowers go boom

and mr froggy smile once again


OOPPss sorry forgot to add the link to the stitch
just try it
you'll find out it isn't hard
really it isn't
I did it
 and you know what a twit I am
just try it
you can do it