Friday, May 13, 2011

and we're back

Blogger went down
and I mean
we'll probably never know why
but I think I read something about location posts
don't know what that is and I won't bother finding out!!!
here we are again
what was strange was that we could read each others blogs but not comment
or go into ours
but it's over now
until the next
 they are very good at fixing things
until the next
shall we begin
I seem to have been gone for a while
can't explain why
just not feeling it
I have actually seen quite a few others who did the same thing
just quit for a while
decided why they blog
and came back
just like that
I like blogging because I miss you all when I don't
strange but true
so sorry for the
but I'll get back to the
nothingness of this blog
and we'll just pretend it never happened
not that anyone cares

some things I acquired  while gone

this lovely bowl for
from the charity shop

along with some boxes

to put

stuff in

a paper towel holder to put yarn on
hubby's  idea!!!

a brother for Lisbeth
named Mountbatten
Philip was too obvious!!
and after some research
Philip only has one name
very unusual for that lot!!

changed the position of the bird baths

they like the shade and cover

put all the boxes in the new
 all the yarn is in there now too
no longer on the floor in boxes that get in the way
and we got rid of a couple of things in here
and it all looks and feels so much better

all clean and tidy and sorted
as it should be

the desktop bunch now have a new place to sit
they may be back soon
if I can think of anything they can get up to

Henri isn't there.....he's still roaming and wandering
on his 'ventures and travels
but I didn't see him until it was too late
so ...just ignore him!!!

but not her!!!

this is
she is much smaller and I love her!!!

but not as much a fu!!!

and because
a post about nothing
wouldn't be complete
without a
here is the centre of the

like two flowers in one

and two hearts I found

If all goes well with blogger
I'll be back
thanks for dropping by