Friday, May 27, 2011

fab friday

so far
well if you ignore the fact that
is buggered again
everyone is mentioning it
so before it all collapses
let me show you why it's a fab Friday


opened up

this morning
it was the first thing I saw
 and I smiled
think they're called
Appalachian something or other!!!

now I KNOW
this is a rubbish shot but look at that
a flat headed duck mum
with a whole bunch a babies
click on it and it's a bit clearer

and we have a community
the parents have let the others come and join the babies

there's Honker with them
the one that isn't a Canada Goose
she acts as the Nanny I guess
because when I appeared she started with the hissing
I futzed with the camera and they started moving towards me

but the adults kept a close eye on me
and I got a little bolder
and this is what I have
I spoke to them and told them I came in peace
and would they bring the little ones closer
and they did
one step at a time
and I giggled the whole time
look at it
a baby goose
a gosling
a cutie pie
a sweet one
I will call him

so see, it's a fab friday
and not everyone is awake yet
hope you have
a friday
that is

hubby just said we need to make a
yarn run
more wattymelons


see ya!!