Thursday, September 29, 2011


..... we've discussed this before
I still can't get over people wanting to charge
to show how to do a stitch
be creative and design something different
with all the stitches there are
come up with something that isn't out there
and we'll gladly
pay you
but don't ask for
for a granny square
or how to do a
double crochet stitch
what a cheek

it makes me want to throw up a tut
just to get over it!!!!!

the "crocodile" stitch has made a
it's popping up everywhere again
it was spotted last year on
a couple of us went to work
and after a few hours we'd cracked the code so to speak
then the lady who had posted the photo that started the kerfuffle
I think
gave us a site to go to
but Daniella and I had already done our own versions
but it's good to watch someone else and you learn to count in

While I was talking to my basket wearing friendthe other day
she requested a new hat
for winter
so I went a lookin' this morning
didn't like any
never do
and I don't want to make her the same thing again
even though it would be OK if I did
but I don't want to
I found a picture from one of those books
you know
 the ones we can't
 read them but we love the pictures
(eyebrows raised up and down)
and we work the charts
hm mmm???
well I saw the sweetest hat made with blocks
magnified until it pixelated
picked up some yarn
a hook

blocks your uncle

(groan if you want)

nothing difficult or terrifically terrific
but it works up really fast
and I think I may make a go with these
I'll make a tut if you need to make them too

looking at it it isn't very clear in this colour
I'll do another colour and put it up on flickr
if it's better


things around here are getting to be the way they'll be, I suppose
I haven't cried for about two days
I think we are rid of all the reminders
and that can consist of little dust bunnies in the corners
I will forever miss her
but I know she's gone now
and please know how much I have appreciated all your little kindnesses

yes, I've said this before
but I will never stop saying it
I have the best friends and readers
in all of blogdom and real life
thank you all