Thursday, September 8, 2011

katia maria and nate

and a yet to be named forth one
I am not complaining
after having watched the news this morning
there is nothing for me to complain about

it's raining

in fact it's pouring

it's all going towards the lake

which is at the bottom of a small slope
if you look closely you can see the ducks on the dock
they aren't happy either

the water is beginning to pool in areas
but it's all below us
and there isn't enough water in the sky to fill the lake to our level
she said boldly and confidently

 I will not complain
and I'm not
I'm grateful we live at the top of a slope
that we don't have a basement
or a river running beside us
my children don't either
so they are safe
but they have to go out in this weather and contend
with the torrential downpours

I wish you could hear it right this moment
like a  thousand drummers on the roof
all those people who have finally finished with Irene and that mess
now have this
and those that just got their power back
yes some have been without it for so long
the lights went out again last evening

some are wondering
 if this is the chickens coming home to roost
if the cows are coming home
if what went around is coming around
if this is indeed

we all know what we say about
it's a bitch and there isn't much we can do about it

so that's it
 it's raining and there isn't a damn thing we can do

well, we can go out in it and buy some supplies
can't we?
we can hope that all the biscuits have gone
that the juice is in need of replenishing
and there is only one tea bag left
we can hope the cat has eaten all her food
and needs fresh water
(she drinks distilled so we have to buy it!!)
we can hope that the husband needs something
and he is willing to drive through puddles and downpours
with a smile on his face
we can hope that can't we
when he tells you he needs to go and look for some shoes
you can just pretend that all the hoping and scheming was never done
and you can get your shoes and socks on in record time
and with brolly in hand
actually two brollies in two hands
run to the car
quick as a bunny
 feel happy to be skipping through the puddles on your way to the useless craft store
that just happens to be right next door to the
shoe store

and they have new colours that make all gloomy thoughts of the rain go away
and when you get to the shoe store
they have no shoes fit to wear
heels as high as an elephant's eye
or so heavy you's need an elephant to help you pick up your feet
(who in the hell makes shoes these days...someone who doesn't wear them no doubt!!!)
and then the husband decides he needs new

so off you go to the
more for less store
 which is also right there
and what do you see
that you can't live without one second more

a little stack of bumpy dotty plates on a little plate stacker
and you pick them up and go and find the man who
kneeds knickers

but there are no knickers to be found
why you ask
it's back to school time is the answer
 and all the knickers have been bought up
and the
socks and t-shirts too
well who knew
we didn't
all the chillun have new knickers but the men have to make do?
oh no not this man
there is one more store that sells these necessaries
so we go there too
this was turning out to be quite the little
and not a can of cat food had been bought yet
 :) :) :)
so one more store

high hopes
as we slid and tripped on the too- shiny- for- wet- shoes- floor
they had knickers and shirts and socks
oh my

and they also

more importantly

had these

on sale
50% off

look how they match the table mat

and the berries on the pots

:) :) :)

 so ......................
with a very pretty table in the immediate future
if I do say so myself
cans of cat food
knew knickers
and some
happy colours
home I came
feeling much better
(see retail therapy strikes again)

and within no time I had a couple more

pretty coasters
with different edges

now to make something sweet and cute to put on
a little stack of bumpy dotty plates on a little plate stacker

oh goody it's time for tea so I'm off people

hope you are all  dry
and that if you aren't you are safe and with those you love
and if you are in the dry places
maybe some of the water will fall on you soon
here's hoping



 to someone really

today is

so those of you who know her
go say
Happy Happy
and to those of you who don't
go anyway
you'll love it

have a merry old time
and hope the water comes soon