Monday, September 12, 2011

from the fields of this patch of clay

sometimes things are just a
big black hole
you wonder why you even thought you could

whatever it is you want to do
or think you want to do
just remains out of your grasp
you try and try
but it just keeps slipping away

and then you  buckle down
put your whole..... um ...mind to it

and with the proper tools
and a little bit of help

you achieve what you want and it feels so good

now this could be about me making this
that needs a teeny tiny hook and some thin cotton
that I haven't used for years
but it isn't

I got a call this morning
from a friend who
said she had tried and tried
but couldn't do it
and why should she
and what reason could there be to
who was she anyway
after many many laughs
and pushing of buttons
cursing the machines
we have a new
blogger among us
she is a friend of mine
the one who wears my baskets
on her head
she "made" a blog this morning
and I invite you to go and see her
it's new
it's still under construction
it's all strange and weird
but we remember that don't we
all those buttons to push
and pages to write
and photos to load
and and and
and now it's all second nature and we don't remember not knowing we could
and this time next week
if the printer ever stops printing
:) :) :) :)
a slight glitch occured
she won't remember not knowing how

and the big black hole

turns into
 a light at the end of a tunnel

or something like that!!!!!!!!

:) ): :) :) :) :) :) :)

welcome and enjoy