Friday, September 16, 2011

that day again...

the end of another week

I don't have much to say today
it's the first cool day of the season
you'd think it was snowing the way some are complaining about how
it is
it isn't cold
it's refreshingly wonderful
if a bit cloudy and dark
but we're thinking positive here

I have four new balls for the
no plans for it
just had to have it
I know the majority of you
understand that
you see it
you want it
you get it
the end


the light is lousy so these are not
neon pink they are deep berry colours

I used the flash because not using the flash turned them
to mud!!!

two are pima cotton and two are wool

yarn porn


found this under a pile 
love love love this stitch
cross stitch

it's so textural
so squishy and squashy

if you want to know how
say and I'll act accordingly


 now I know you think that I forgot about going
 to visit friends on friday
but I didn't
the last few fridays have stunk
so I didn't do it

but today all is well and wonderful
I'm in a good mood because the elephant has finally removed itself
 and hope you are all well too
 so today we are going to one of my very favourite people on the planet.....
 I adore this one....
if I had had a daughter....
well you know!!

  :) :) :)

this bit of lovliness is not mine
it belongs to
my sister's knitter

I met Andi on Flickr
I kept making smart comments on her photos
and she was always sweet about it
then I found her blog
and I was
don't remember how or when
  I just know I am so happy I did
I won't embarrass anyone here by going on about how sweet she is and how funny she is
or how talented she is and just how adorable and generous and big hearted.........


has a lovely blog
she shows us what she's working on
 tells us about her day or her week
entertains us with videos
she finds
or music
 that gets stuck in your head for days
tempts us with food and drink
yum.... slurp.....
and she also sends us to wonderful places that she likes
so it's all good
lovely people going to lovely places and being sent on to more
hope you have a lovely time
all my lovlies
I better go now before I really annoy you!!!
have a good whatever it is where you are

PS  Is anyone else getting big numbers in the stats??
Mine have jumped enormously
not complaining
just wondering if there is one of those web scanner thingymados happening


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Andi...... If you could buy awesome on a stick you would get an Andi perched atop of the stick! She is so brilliant and I so, so, so wish I lived nearer to her as it sucks having a great big ocean between us. We would cause sooooooo much trouble if we ever got together I just know it!

One day... one day...

CrochetBlogger said...

The yarn photos are beautiful even if the colors didn't come out quite right. Lovely stuff!

Andi said...

Ah go and say all these lovely things about me and then Ruth goes and puts me on a stick! You are the sweetest and one of the most wonderful women I know. I won't gush too much here, to avoid people getting sick on their computor screens.
Now in regards to the yarn porn..whoo hooo. Those are some lovely yarns. Now be a friend and hand them over!

NillaK said...

I LOVE that cross stitch! Especially in that yarn! WOW! On my way over to Andi now... Oh, and I'm impressed with your Swedish! ;)

Allyson said...


(I have to know how to do that stitch. Be still my beating heart!)

As for Andi...I couldn't agree more!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sure wish it would cool off over here. Haven't been very creative lately. Just can't decide what I want to do. and when I get home from school every day, I really don't feel like doing a thing. However, I must, must do some cleaning today. Bleh! Have a good one. Tammy

Anonymous said...

I love that stitch, not that I'll be doing anything much but crochet for the foreseeable future.

Love Andi's blog too. Don't venture into blogland much but when I'm here I stray across to see your friends occasionally. It is always a pleasure! Mia S

Anonymous said...

P.S. Loved all the colours too!