Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my prize

even in the depths of  sadness  right now
we musn't ignore or miss the

good things that happen
I received my prize from the giveaway on Lisa's blog
Lisa is the most amazing artist
her art is with
her blog is called

and it's in the big woods up north
and out of those woods come
art and knowledge and whimsy
and a huge talent and imagination that mustn't be missed

I know it isn't
but for those of you who haven't ventured up to the
big north woods yet
today is a really good day to go
there you will find
a little pixie
a little wood elf
dressed in her finest
that her mummy made her
just wait till you see her

now you have to understand that this is all made by Lisa
she felts the wool
makes  the dye herself
in this case from actual mushrooms she finds in her woods
she dyes the wool
 and the thread that she embroiders with
she cuts the little wood chunks
the woman does it all
 and she has a family too
four little wood chucks and a hubby
I tell her she has magic fingers
she does

she of course didn't know when this would arrive
but it arrived at a good time
because it made me smile
and will continue to do so

thank you all for your kind words
it's going to take a long time for this to stop hurting so much
I'll try really hard to be up and positive in my posts
I didn't talk about it before because I didn't want it all to be a downer coming here
I know I have posted some negative things lately
but that's life and the way a blog works
I guess
if it's real
so we'll go on with the stitches and sillyness
and we'll smile when we can
and be greateful for
little mushrooms that find their way to us
and kind readers


(and to that person who doesn't understand how one can be so sad over the loss of a pet
...get a heart)