Friday, September 9, 2011

the rain train...

kept on chugging last night
it was our turn to get swamped
to the north of us it came down
to the east of us it bucketed
to the south thunderstorms blew up and it all came over us
at one point or another

this was after I posted yesterday
it just got deeper and deeper

and foggier and foggier
a tree fell in the woods across the street at one point
will have to go and check it out
and yes it did make a sound even though no one saw it fall
they said if all this water had fallen on Texas it wouldn't have been much
more than  a 1/2"
they need more than that to solve their problem

they forecast more for us for two or three days
Katia may visit the UK in a few days
is going past us at this moment
out at sea with the fish

thank goodness the skylight isn't leaking!!!!
but it makes for pretty patterns on the glass

then this morning
 for a while
the sky turned a very strange
forgotten colour
it was


and the reflections on the lake were pretty enough for me
 to put my shoes on
go outside
 into the
heat and humidity
mosquito infested back garden
take this
there were two rather large turtles sitting on a log that made me think about going out
of course
as always
it never ends
they slid into the water the second they saw me
curse them

so I turned blue around and saw this fine thing
another huge magnolia seed pod
with moth attached
I think it's a moth
I wasn't going to disturb it and ask

and you'd think that with all this rain we'd have some fine specimens of these
but noooo
not one fine one to been had
just this little fellow
all curled up and tucked in beneath his blankie
oh well
maybe later

and this wonderful thing is what the husband bought a while ago
a hummingbird feeder
that looks like a hot air balllloooonnnn
he saw it and had to have it
but I have to make the nectar and clean the thing

and because he is one of those who must have it all
filled with water
to keep the ants from

I think the hummers have left already
too much



Teresa said...

It's really an odd year, isn't it? You getting scorching temperatures and now storms and rain... We had a whimpy summer (25ÂșC ie 70's isn't normal weather here in July and August!) and now that the summer is officially about to end in 2 weeks the temperatures rise to the high 80's and 90's. Today as I was going into Lisbon one side of the road was bright and shinny and the other completely covered in fog, you couldn't even see the people at the beach or the water.
What a mess we are doing with the environment... But you always manage to take the most beautiful pictures! I love the way you register the little details that most don't even see...
Have a wonderful weekend, Marilyn!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sure is a shame that TX couldn't get some of that rain. Hope things have cleared up a bit. You really are fortunate not to have to deal with flooding or leaking. Still hot and dry around here. Thankfully, it hasn't been so dusty. Wonder what our winter will be like -- it hasn't been really cold in the past couple of years, but strangely, it has been a bit dusty. Patterns are certainly changing all over the world. Looks like you had a fun day shopping -- very pretty plates and placemats, and lovely coasters you are making. Have a great weekend. :) Tammy

Valeria said...

im getting so tierd of the rain ,it looks like the next week will be as wet as well :( well in just sitting by the fire and knitting and maby soon i will have a job to go to so then i wont be so bored.

i cant even go out and get some nice pic´s


MDScaper said...

M, we have a hummingbird feeder that has attracted three hummingbirds at once. They fight over access to the feeder. We have bought a second feeder now to keep everyone happy :).

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it out, the Mister is well shod, puss well watered, and there is more beautiful yarn into the bargain Lovely pictures! Mia S

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo said...

oh dear we had a similar week last week :(
i couldn't recover from the virus/fever as soon as i had wished because my asthma took over (i have asthma to humidity) besides it was almost warm which made it like... tropical rainforest. yuck.
no matter how i love your shot of the rain against the window, i'm happy with the blue sky being back !
these past 3 or 4 years have been weird, with no real season... i don't know where/what we're heading to ?! but as they say "change is permanent" !!