Saturday, September 24, 2011

bad memory...

I tried to remember a pattern
I found some time ago for a very simple lace stitch
can't find it so I tried to do what I remembered
didn't work

and I ended up with this
almost like the
knot stitch
but not quite!!!!

the light is once again really bad so the colour of the yarn is not correct
purpley watermelony
really pretty
believe me
there's a very short and to the point tut on the top of the page
 just in case you can't remember the stitch

and then we have the

herringbone stitch

on steroids

and the popcorn flowers

the yarn is chunky funky mohair

I'm still working on the doily
got eight more rows to go
I have to do it in short spans of time
the hook is really small and the pattern repetitive
doilies are like that!!!!