Tuesday, September 13, 2011

winning hoping helloing and hooking...

hello all
it's another day here in the
who knows what it will be

I do know it has started out
really well
I won a giveaway
from one of my very very very favourite artists
I won't say who or what
until I get it
but I am one of those who can't keep the news a secret
and if you read her blog you will see who and what
but I won't say
for now


I want to thank you for going to visit the
new blogger yesterday
I knew I had really special readers
and you showed it by hopping over and leaving her a message
you are all stars and I thank you

I guess now is a good time to welcome all the new followers too
who have been popping up over there on the right

I will get around to visiting you and getting to know you asap
welcome all to this little space
enjoy what you will and let us know who you are
it's always merrier with more

(I want to make this one sooooooooooo bad!!!)

and thanks for all the compliments on the
I am actually enjoying the teeny tiny hook and thin thin yarn
it isn't as hard as I remembered
I made a ton of doilies years ago
when it was all the rage
and had one under everything I owned
I made them for friends and we glued them to things
and made bowls out of them with starch and sugar water
(which wasn't the smartest thing to do as it brought the ants and flies and wasps!!!!!)
we sewed them to our clothes
and now it seems
what goes around
comes around
but as is always the way
the doilies today are much prettier

do give it another try
there are so many free patterns on the net to choose from
and then you can use your new lens
to take us some pictures!!!!)


or you can make those really really
horrendously ugly ones from the
30's  40's and 50's
with all the frills and froo froo

 I got two books with some really nice ones
I had added them to my wish list on Amazon that the husband keeps on his acct
so when he wants something to add to get free shipping on something he orders
he has something to choose from
(don't ask, that's the way we roll around here!!!!)
anyhoo I had forgotten  about them
of course....
 and he got both of them
and didn't say
so it was a nice surprise

I plan on making a few more
I need some pretty new cotton though
in all the lovely colours
that used to make me sick
but now make me happy
weird but true

hope you all have/had a great day


all pictures from the two books!!!