Tuesday, September 6, 2011

another toot...

heeelloooo  peoples
(I wish I could remember who said that
 I thought it was cute so I annoyingly use it now)

how are you?

don't ask
I'm grumpy 'cause it's friggin' raining again and it's not going to stop for a few days
so I feel like I have an elephant sitting on my head and that makes me grumpy

:) :) :)

but I'm good
as they say
I'm well too

:) :) :)

so what to do
can't do anything about it
I've been trying to catch up on things
and then I remembered someone asked for the pattern for the cotton coasters I made in the


remember that
when we had all those plans
and all that

now it's a distant memory

is staring us in the face

did you have fun
hope so!!!!

so if you want to know how to do the coasters
maybe in fall colours now
it's at the top of the page
hope it works and that you can try them
I found them on
Pinterest and thought it a
:) :) :)

thought I would show you that those little flowers can be made into
if you add on to them

love taking close ups of the stitches
there is something magical
 the way a long piece of "string"
can be manipulated like this

sorry it's the elephant on my head talking
:) :) :) :) 

if joined together they can be a pillow top
a bag
or a blanket
or the edge of a blanket as I think a whole blanket of these would be rather too much
but each to her own...
it's a good stash buster too as those popcorns take a lot of yarn
so if you need to get rid of
make popcorns
lots and lots of them