Tuesday, December 4, 2012

torpid tuesday

:) :) :) :) :)

all I wanted to do today 
was nap
but I didn't...
good for me!!


really lousy photos...
the light is rubbish so I have little choice

I used to make the mat
the mat is blocking at the moment so it's still not ready for its close-up!!!
and after I took these I blocked the doily too
hey, have blocking mats
 must use 

I was going to do a post yesterday but I didn't have a monitor for a while 
(a longer while than I thought)!!!
 nothing dramatic happened
just a new purchase by husband
and a hand me down monitor for me
it's much bigger and brighter than the old one and it takes some getting used to
let me tell you

the colours are almost neon on some pages
even though all the adjusting has been done
think it's just that some people really do use
almost neon colours
now there's more real estate to peruse upon
all your photos and blog pages and pinned boards
are bigger and brighter and more
you colourful creative crowd

oh... the husbands new monitor is
it's like the smart phones
you have to touch it to make the pages swish
 and swoosh 
and fly

sounds like a real pain the back to me
leave me my mouse and keyboard and monitor that doesn't like to be touched

hope all your colours are calibrated properly

til the next time
my lovelies

:) :) :)


Valeria said...

i really need to calibrate my screen ,but i havent stupid me with all the photos i take i have no way off knowing how to look really
its on the list to do
i guess you dont have any snow there now ? they say its gona rain here on sunday god i hope not im not done with the snow ,so in gona take the kids out in the woods on saturday and try and get a nice pic of them ,the 3rd try ...... lord help me hahaha

have a good day
love the viking princess

NillaK said...

Looks huge, that new monitor of yours! Especially since I use my tablet more and more... Just as well, since my son lives his days in front of the computer... :) I really should get a blocking mat. Blocked my scarf, and had to add a loose cupboard door with a towel on it to lengthen my ironing board... It worked, but a little unpractical. :)

MrS wiLD said...

I've always had a question about blocking. Maybe you can tell me M. Okay, you block a piece, then you wash it....do you have to re-block it again?
Can't wait to see that placemat! I'm really liking the details.