Monday, December 10, 2012

forecast for more flakes...

everywhere you look
in the roomontheleft
you see
in various forms of being

or signs that there were flakes there

and some have even made it to the other side

and the sound of a 'potty mouth' is around too...
if you want to make your flake stiff
use old fashioned
liquid STARCH.....





Anonymous said...

Love them, beautiful! Mia S

MrS wiLD said...

So pretty! I can't wait to see mine finished. Love the patterns you found. Share?

Valeria said...

awww you know i love snowflakes :) chocolate ,marshmallow or crochet haha just to pretty to not love them

what is it that you use to stiffen them ?
ive used water and sugar ,but it feels kinda messy bit works ,could knock my hubby out with them
Love Valeria

Madhu said...

Oh I see!! LIQUID starch!! I remember...those school days!!