Thursday, December 13, 2012

time flies when...

you don't pay attention
here it is Thursday
tomorrow it's Friday
( aren't I just the cleverest )

remember when half an hour seemed like
THOSE days are long gone!!!

:) :)  :)  :) :)

I have had this little number in my files for ages
and thought that as I have the teeny tiny hooks out and the
 thin cotton
I may as well give it a

the written pattern is in French
but there is a chart so it's easy peasy
I can never understand why people say they can't read the charts
it's stitch for stitch    row by row
laid out right there for all to see
I have trouble with the written patterns now
especially when they aren't very clear
(like the ones I do)
some of the translations are just nonsense!!!!!

I'm almost done with the
blizzard of flakes
a few more and I never want to see another

just kidding...
come next 
this time of the year
I'll be back at them
one flake after another

hope those of you who got it
 are enjoying the big snow
it looks very pretty and fun for the kids
but please
 keep it
all of it

oh   and well done us for making it through

now sure why they kept mentioning it
and that people don't know that there is no 
13/13/13 next year
so now we have to hold our breath

do do do do
do do do do

ciao for now

1 comment:

Valeria said...

this looks amazing and im one of those who say charts a hard to follow but i guess its because ive never really gave them a go .... some day i will when i find the time and a quiet place

i got some snow haha some i got alot and i love every snowflake we have ,love walking to work ,had snow up to my knees yesterday <3
have a wonderful weekend my friend
Valeria snow princess