Thursday, December 6, 2012

a table mat is done...

just silliness
but you can see how big/small 
it's a lot less bunchy than it was
and to answer the question about
if you wash it do you have to block it again
the answer is
yes you do
but if you're a spoilt brat
 such as moi
you can do it again
and some things just need blocking
and you don't actually have to have anything other than a towel and some pins
a lot of patience
don't sweaters and such have to be re blocked when they are washed
I guess the secret to this is
don't get it dirty
and you won't have to wash

:) :) :) :)

sorry about the really lousy photos of late, 
but it's the light...
it's the light 
it is the light
I tell you..........................
plus the photographer is pretty rubbish too!!!

la nappe est sur la table
with.....all together now.....
la plume de ma tante