Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the last one.....


nothing to report....

I think I'm done with the flakes and stars for this year
I've seen just about every one out there
and if there are more
I don't want to know!!!!
I made this one yesterday afternoon and evening
it's supposed to go on a brass ring
but I don't have one so it is starched and blocking
we'll see how it turns out
making the curlykews was fun
like those pasta pieces
....that's what they're called

I want to write reams about Connecticut but I can't
I just want it to change and it to stop NOW 
and  for commonsense to return

if brave women and little children can stand up to that horror
let those on the Hill
 up the road from me
stand up to those who have brought this about
we say enough
let them say enough

let it end
stay ended