Sunday, December 2, 2012

the end is surely nigh...

firstly because not one word is being said about
"it" !!!!
remember the broo haha with
Y 2 K????
months of dire predictions about the end of all we knew
no one's speaking this time
the proof is in what you see above
some of you will know the Panettone
some won't
it's an Italian delicacy that shows up around Christmas 
and Easter (in the shape of a dove then)
it is light and moist and filled with fruits and it is perfection itself
although there are recipes showing up for it
I don't think it's the same thing
unfortunately I can't get the original so I settle for the second or maybe even third best
but what I got this time is a sure sign that the end is here
that all sense and reason has gone
left the building
done and dusted

they have taken perfection
put chocolate chips in it
HERSHEY'S chocolate chips
I didn't see it at the store
if I had I wouldn't have bought it
because that isn't
that isn't an Italian delicacy that shows up at Christmas or any other time

Mama mia
what is the world coming to
(che cosa è il mondo a venire...)
(don't think that's quite right...but it'll do for now!!!!!)


and speaking of nonsensical things
this is what was on the visitors counter a few days ago
which is why I took it's picture
the more I stay away
the more they come and look!!!

ciao for now all my lovelies

see ya soon