Sunday, December 16, 2012

doily and such

I finished the doily I showed you bits of the other day
it's washed and blocked and I like it very much
a real granny doily..but nice!!!
and some more flakes...I found some in a jar and a couple I just had to make
I think I am over them now...


husband had to go to the big hardware store the other day
so I tagged along because I wanted to see if they had old fashioned string...
had an idea pop in the old noggin.....
but they didn't


and while I was there


I helped myself to a couple of pretty plants


and husband .....
well he couldn't leave without this


a big-ass Texas-sized humongous ivy and poinsettia pot!!!!!!
excuse my French!!!!!
it's sitting on the kitchen table 
coz it don't fit nowhere else!!!!!
I think I'll string some fairy lights in it and just light the whole dang thing up...
I was making coffee when the whole picture taking thing came over me....
it's grey and cold and drizzly out so I thought some colour might help

and even tho' it isn't a partridge and this isn't a pear tree
 there's room for a bird
 :) :) :)

and the other day before all the horror
I made a little tree out of a very old book I found sitting on the bottom of my bookcase
it was falling apart so I just helped it along a little
I've seen these around for years and always wanted one
so now I have one..

I'm trying to be festive but it isn't working
is it...
so I'll go and clean up the mess I made
well, I'll start with the closest one ...
and soon it'll be tea time so I better get to it!!!!

see ya!!