Friday, December 28, 2012

last Friday of 2012...

one could almost say good riddance
along with so many horrible things
there were so many wonderful things too
so we'll call it even 
and hope wonderful wins out from now on

I continued to make doilies..
well I have finished now but have made a couple more..

I tried using a bigger hook the other day
and after the small steel ones
 it felt like I was hooking with tree trunks!!!
so I'll have to take a hooking break and get the thin feel out of my fingers!!!

I found this one at the bottom of a drawer
all bunched and crumpled
so I blocked it
because I can
and that is an old photo album from Egypt
that we've had forever
it's older than me so 
really really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy
maybe one day I'll show what's inside
if there is anything left!!!

we haven't had this view for a while so maybe it won't be too boring to see it again
if you look in the  middle there
you will see a baffle headed duck
swimming with the Canada Geese
if I had a zoom it would have been so fabulous
there were others but they were all under the water
but in this you can see a bit more clearly what they look like
sort of
the sparkles were beginning to appear too

but with these overhead they weren't quite as bright as they get
big storm on it's way ...again
big storm...

here you can see a few more baffles as they swam off 
with a lighted wake to their rears
I couldn't help but make
putt putt noises

and then I got very very sad
husband handed me an envelope and said
hmmm...seeds from Norge
I know only one in Norway...
so I opened it and this is what I found
smashed to a million pieces
I'm so sorry S
Her Majesty would not be smiling if she knew
I'm not smiling either
but it is the thought that counts it really is
and it smells nice!!!!!

(I hope mine made it in better shape)

Takk fyrir S