Monday, April 2, 2012

squirrels moles voles and beavers...oh my

went on a stroll
and came back and made a collage!!!
I missed a whole bunch of stuff by not
going out there and snapping
but it sure is growing fast

this makes me mad
plain and simple
angry and pissed
a beaver seems to be
taking the
very loud and yellow bush

since I took that photo last week or whenever
half the bloody bush is gone
don't know where they think they're building a dam
but they come and take a branch or two and disappear
with all the trees and bushes and plants they have to choose from
they choose the
very loud and yellow bush
expletive deleteds

  all is not calm on the lake
if I see the buggers
I will not delete the expletives
they will go home shocked that an old lady knows such language....