Saturday, April 7, 2012

something quick something easy

 from a strange looking piece of code

that some just don't comprehend
no matter how many times you try to explain

to a seemingly never ending tangle

that becomes freer as you move along

and works itself into organised tidy sections

to slowly become something that makes sense

and if you're lucky
a little pretty too
kinda like



Anonymous said...

How right you are! Happy Easter to you and your family. cathy

Teresa said...

So pretty! What is it going to be?
Happy Easter, dear XXX

Anonymous said...

I would like to understand those charts and work the crochet into tidy sections, make something pretty, and make some sense of life! Perhaps one day :) Happy Easter All xx Mia S

Valeria said...

nice color ,what will it end up as

MrS wiLD said...

This is a pretty pattern for sure! LoVe the CoLOr!

madhu said...

Love how you have brought it all to life....this is passion XX