Friday, April 20, 2012

friday flowers of the garden kind

no store bought posies this week....

it's been a while since we had
Friday Fleur's


mountain laurel
still in the bubble stage!!!


summer blooming... supposedly


 you can see how dry it is
more rain forecast for the week end...

these haven't bloomed for ages so it's nice to see they still can

 with the little bit of rain we had
all the blooms have
and we have pretty outside
for a fleeting moment

self  seeded  Columbine's
they are spreading all over
and it seems the voles don't eat them
spread out as far as you can
oh purple beauties!!!!!


this Clematis vine is one of the first plants I bought when we moved here
a life time ago
it didn't do at all well last year
but this year
it's come back somewhat
so cheers and hooray
so nice to be able to get up close and personal again!!!

and next to the vine
is the
which also didn't do well last year
but the warm and dry winter has made it burst forth

all the plants I bought eons ago
have white flowers
still love them
they glow in the shade of the woods

husband seems to be blowing leaves again
so I helped by taking pictures

it's something for him to look at when he's lying on the couch
exhausted and aching

it helps