Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new way of posting...

so, here we go
let's see how long this lasts before it's all ripped out of the wall
or thrown in the lake!!!

I am loading from Picasa
as it's had to be reconfigured with the phone

yesterday I was playing around with the phone and the camera
and I took a photo of the camera with the phone
and then
the phone
with the camera
then I bumped into
via  Valerie's   post
I downloaded it after a while and a fashion
husband had to help as I was actually cooking dinner
and he wasn't
I played with it or so I thought
it didn't do anything
or so I thought
then I found my way to
Valerie's site and started to
she takes the most beautiful pictures
they make me sigh!!!
I still couldn't figure out what the heck to do so I
uninstalled it
Instagram that is
or so I thought
I had a couple of photos on the phone
and used the filters and played with those
and this is the result

the sky a few days ago
with one of the filters and frames
big whoop

then it all came together somehow and I figured it all out
and now I think I know how to use it
I still don't understand what all these things are for
you can take pictures with your phone
you can send them around the world and beyond
you can capture it all on a little device that sits in your hand
like never before
every minute of every day
then what do you do with them


the heron this morning
the picture was lousy so I
it and it now looks better!!!


(not Instagrammed!)!!!

how do you do!!!!

there now you can get on with your day

hope it's a good one!!!

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