Thursday, April 5, 2012


did you know you could do yourself a
with gluten free foods
that is
if you don't have a problem with gluten in the first place


if you aren't one of the growing number of peeps with gluten probs
take a word of advice
and steer clear of
gf foods
 eat little

don't ask!!!!


and more mischief is afoot

the bush is
 for all sense and purpose

the bugger
is back
and this time
you can see I'm not imagining it
in the water
is the

what the hell he thinks he's damming is beyond me.

Now we have to outsmart him and protect the Maple
if he takes that
it's war
and I can hear you say
good luck


Anonymous said...

The trees are so pretty. What a shame that little varmint had to take the pretty bush. I wonder if it will ever grow back. Good luck with the maple. I am rooting for you! Mia S

Anonymous said...

Your photos are always so beautiful Marilyn. Have a Happy Easter!

NillaK said...

Oh no, poor bush! Hope you can scare him off. Beautiful pictures, funny to see how you have all that green and flowers, while we had more snow yesterday. It's late, and yet it's still on the ground. Only an inch or so, but I really thought it would melt over night. But I guess that is what we call April weather over here. Now, have a lovely Easter, and good luck with that maple!

MrS wiLD said...

I've heard those little boogers are destructive. I would put up a temp chicken wire fence to protect it.