Thursday, April 12, 2012

look who I found ...

outside while I was inside......

on this bright and beautifully blue morning

the Canada Geese have had babies again
I don't want to think that they had more and these are the only ones left
but I said it
so that's what probably happened as they have many more than four

we will rejoice in these
and hope they grow up to be as
beautiful as their
Mama Goose

and their
Papa Goose

he was making all kinds of neck action things
and telling me to stay away
 they are such good parents
and good partners

Papa decided he's had enough of the stupid
human hiding behind the tree

so he took them back into the water

and I stopped harassing them with the snapping
they have enough snapping to worry about with the turtles there under the water

and just one of those silly shots one takes as one is walking back to the computer
the sun shining in the corner through the skylight
bringing the

we got some babies!!!!!!!!