Friday, April 13, 2012

k2tog,sskand a little sk2p on the side....

it's Friday again

I know!!!!

although I am working on another shawl which is on the hook
I found
 and am going to see if I can do it
it isn't that it's hard
but every row is different from the one before
and there are lots of
yo's ssk's sk2's k2tog's
and as each row grows
there will be more to do each time
in other words
it requires a lot of
until one gets into it
if you knows what I means!!!

I discovered that "they" have added a
"radio" to the tool bar on the 'puter
and I found some music I can tolerate
so off we went this a m
ssk-ing, sk2p-ing and yo-ing away
and then
the desk shook
and made a
 very funny noise
and the smart phone told me I had a text

I know!!!!

'twas the second born
checking in with his mummy
you know
 does with Hyacinth
(only he doesn't ask for money so he can go to Italy with Tarquin to embroider the new drapes!!!!)


all is fine with #2
so his mummy doesn't mind that all that concentration
flew out the window and she lost the mojo
it will come back some time soon
now it's time to clean and dust and cook and clean
again anyway


so have a great weekend
either hooking or y o-ing
texting or talking
hope your #2 calls you too
if you have one of course
if not
you don't know what you're missing


:) :) :) :) :) :)

Hyacinth: What a disaster to my tea and light refreshments.
Onslow: I could murder some light refreshments.
Hyacinth: If it wasn't for Sheridan's good news, I don't know what this day would have been.
Richard: Good news from Sheridan?
Hyacinth: He's moved in with a very suitable friend. They're making their own curtains. Apparently his friend's very good with a needle. He has prizes for embroidery. Well, you'd better come in and have some tea and light refreshments.
Hyacinth: Onslow, before you come in, just shift this wreck next door, will you, dear?
Onslow: [to Richard] Prizes for embroidery?
Richard: Let's move the car, shall we, Onslow?


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You are ever the busy one over there. I've just gotten caught up on your posts. Hope you got the much needed rain. I can see why you wanted cooler weather -- your sunset shawl is absolutely gorgeous! Hope the geese babies are doing okay. I just listened to a kitten outside mewing and mewing. I don't know if it was lost and calling its mother or what. If only I could save them all. It's way past my bedtime. goodnite ! Tammy

Teresa said...

My one and only asked (yes, he still asks, though he's about to turn 19... but he knows me all too well to do otherwise! ;) "Mom, can I go to Tiago's birthday party tonite?"
So what's a Mom to say...? Sigh... I was kinda hoping for a little company aside from my 4 legged best friend... and a horror flick on TV because it's Friday 13th.
And he asked so sweetly ;)
So... we're stuck with cuttin' up paper hexagons. Guess what's in the project bin.
You always leave me sighing. I have some gorgeous handspun yarn waiting to be turned into a shawl, but this is way over my... patience :D I need something lovely, easy and that will let me watch tv without losing track of my stitches :D
Have a great weekend, dear :)

Andi said...

You make me laugh M!
Love the shawl color, can't wait to see the end results. Hope your mojo is back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, first have to say thank you for your sweet comments on my mitered squares. Our dear sweet friend Andi sent me some of her sock yarn scraps. Can't wait to get through this blanket to start on the "sock blanket." Your new shawl is one that will need alot of concentration. It will be truly a work of art. Hope you had a good weekend. Cathy