Tuesday, April 10, 2012

new shawl...

that I absolutely love


and for those of you who've been here a little while
that's rare for me to say about something I made
I showed you the yarn a

and didn't like any of the play things I did
and then
while browsing through some sites
 and old files on the computer

and thought it was nice
coz it's simple
I didn't do it exactly as they did
which is me being me!!


I changed the number of open work rows to just two

they did four
and in the end I added an edging of my own
I made it up as I went around
with some yarn I have sitting in a bin doing nothing
 the yarns are both merino wool
but different!!!

husband said it looks like a sunset

so I took it outside in the noonday sun

hope it gets cold again
really cold!!!!

you can see what a pretty day it is today
but it is so very very dry
we are on a red flag alert thingy to watch out and be very very careful of fire
there are fires burning up and down the east coast and that isn't normal as we are usually on the wet side at this time of the year
 there are morons who throw cigarettes out the window or burn leaves without a thought
living in the woods can be
vewy vewy scarwy



Ruth said...

It's really, really lovely - the colours really make the shawl.

Baban Cat said...

I agree the colours are great!
We must share morons because we've had lots of heathland fires. It's rained over the weekend - it being a bank holiday - so that should cut down the chances of more fires.

Anonymous said...

The shawl is very pretty, the colors are so pleasing. Weather has been little cooler, wear it every chance you can. Love the pattern and border. cathy

Eileen said...

This shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE it. The yarn is fantastic and the shawl is perfect for that yarn. Nice job on the beautiful trim. I am so inspired!

Petunia Pill said...

I'm just back again today, having more of a look around your blog. I'm in LOVE with this shawl! Those colors are amazing! I've already ventured over to find the pattern that inspired you...making a mental note to give this one a try in the near future!