Saturday, March 31, 2012

another weekend...

and this is what my phone said when I woke it up
hope your morning is
husband also pointed out to me the other day that I can talk to my phone
no not someone ON my phone
but TO my phone
hello phone
please tell me the
and it shows me the
it doesn't talk back
I don't think anyway
but that's OK
I've had enough back talk

(and yes I usually just look out of the window to see what the weather is!!!)


someone we all know
and love
 has been showing us her
she can knit socks like there is no tomorrow
and if I wore socks I would have her knit me some
isn't she lucky I don't
wear socks
so I thought I would show you some I have recently acquired
that I just love
it's another funky chunky monkey
and it's just such fun
got it yesterday so I've only started three things to see how it works
and frogged them all
just practicing

do you do that with new yarn
just start something randomly to play with it

like this other stuff I got
it's so soft and squishy and feels so good
so I got needles out and somehow remembered how to
in the car on the way home!!!!!

and then while looking at some very french blogs came across
a pattern done entirely with
it took a second or two and it made sense
it was code for this!!!!

 I like the entrelac the best...
so we'll see
thick squishy wool worked in spring
makes sense

and the fan and feather
who remembers
but it's done too
long and lovely

and another yarn I got that I didn't show you
'coz I haven't been around
this is a
that is

I'm going to see if this works as an edging as I have run out of yarn
the light is once again rubbish so the colours are off
if not then
it's done!!!

funky shquishy shquashy chunky

and this blast from the past
it was done ages ago but I never taa daah'd it
it weighs a ton and is very very warm
I used it once when it actually got cold
the one day it did this winter!!!!

and with the other ball of this colour that I had
another one of these
that I don't wear
so I have a pile of them now!!!!!
a quick and easy piece that is missing it's edge but it won't take long to finish
I changed it somehow and just kept going!!!
I predict who will take this the next visit!!!

and should she show interest in picking up the needles
I found some for pennies on sale
with all the dark yarn I seem to have using the pretty wood ones from Knit pick
makes me blind so I got these as they are white-ish and I can see the stitches so much better

so there we are
 a weeks worth in one posting
should have cut it up in bits and made you think I was really really
getting them done
zing zing zing
you know all blog perfect
and blogalicious
read another rant about why bloggers pretend all is well and perfect
and don't show the reality

what I REALLY hope is that the people who won the
mother of all jackpots
put all that money to good use
and don't waste it on rubbish
did you know that within five years of winning huge amounts
most of the winners are broke and OWE money
it shouldn't be allowed!!!!!
apparently 3 tickets showed up as winners
in different states
mind boggling

have a goo one peoples