Sunday, March 25, 2012

more photos and a yeah!!!

this is just how I feel

with the giggly giggles and the tee hee's

and I did a happy dance
why you ask

well because

I did it

I did it

I finally friggin' did it

I made a little shalwette thingmado

all it needs is to be BO'd
and blocked
it's done
I did it
I did it
I really really did it

teeee heeeee!!!

and today my son and grandson came by
just the two of them
just da boyz
he walked in
he said
I was just asking Dad are we there yet
we were!!!
hello Nanny
whatyou doin'
oh do you have to use all these
what do you hook
as he lifted each of the sides of the coffee table up
all four of them
he has grown and has his father's hair from when HE was little
a beatle cut as they were called
we played a mean game of checkers...we tied
he had one king left and I had one king left
even tho'
I could have taken him down
I tellya
could have wiped him off the board in two moves
but I didn't

then I made a snack
veggies and dips
of sorts
but he's allergic to everything
or so he says
he has a friend who has allergies so I guess he's come out in support!!!!
no problem with the corn chips!!!!
he can't write the alphabet unless he sings it
he must be growing up
there were only
half a million questions this time
he had a birthday party to go to so they weren't here long
but it was so nice to see them both
my son and his son

so you can see I had a little something to happy dance about which is always nice on a rainy Sunday
and before I go I thought I would show how very pretty it was yesterday in between rain showers...
crystal clear

hope you got to happy dance about something


Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty pictures! So glad you had a nice day! Love that shawlette... knew you must be up to something! Mia S

Anonymous said...

Love the shawlette, so many fancy stitches! Love the stories and all the questions from your grandson. Glad you had a happy day! cathy

Valeria said...

congrats it looks so pretty and the color is awesome ,you have to take a pic off it while you block it :)) i have so much yarn that was bought for this and this only haha sitting and waiting for me to find

Andi said...

Hey!!! How did I miss this. knit a shawl!!!!! That is fan-friggin-tastic!
No wonder you are doing a happy dance. I love the color. Hopefully by now you have done the BO and blocking because I want to see it!

MrS wiLD said...

Nice job on the shawlette! It's nice when the family visit. Glad you had one too.
I think I'm now all caught up with your bloggereze. I've missed a lot! Enjoyed them too :']