Friday, March 23, 2012

friday fotos!!!

another week gone
this one faster than most for some reason
one filled with worldly events that come home so strongly when you have kids
or are just someone who cares
and questions too
why is it that the death of some children in some countries cause more grief and discussion than other children in other countries
we should all scream our heads off each time a child is killed, for whatever reason
war, accident, murder, terror or hatred
in this country we are facing once again the question of race
and the answer is the same and we are dumbfounded that it is
maybe this time it will be different
maybe this time it will bring about a change
maybe the subject can be dealt with openly and justly
because not talking about it and pretending everything is just fine ....isn't the way
what's so scary (and interesting in a way)  is that the way both of the shooters in the stories I refer to where described by neighbours in the same way
such nice boys, so polite and helpful.
obviously not


so to the photos
the one above is my final attempt at getting a picture of it
fuzziness and all
with the reflections I have gone mad trying to find a place where there are none
husband bought me the bell jar as a surprise because I mentioned getting one so it doesn't get dusty and yucky
but each time he asked me if I had found one or bought one
he got the same reply
so he went ahead and got it
and speaking of husband
as I started making him something for breakfast this morning
I spied once again something on the lake
or to be precise the dock on the lake
two shapes I have never seen here before
so breakfast abandoned
you know how I can do that in the blink of an eye when blue needs to be got and pictures need to be took
knowing how skittish wild ones are I took a couple from inside
but it's ridiculous with no zoom lens
so I sneaked through the trees and bushes once again to get as close as I could
and I was doing really really well when
the expletive deleted marines shot the cannon and scared said birds right outta here
damn them

so I left the photos big and you get the gist of what they looked like
I think
and am pretty sure
they are Cormorants
and what they are doing here
 is beyond me...
we won't be tying these to strings and making them fish for us!!!

I've been wondering about  this
Year Without Winter
I remember reading, a couple of years ago now,
 about the Year Without a Summer
when Krakatoa blew up and the planet experienced no Summer that year
it was quite bad, as the crops didn't grow because the sun was obliterated and the temperatures were low
should go back and find it

all the trees have bloomed and already the flowers are gone
we need rain badly
and this weekend may bring some
 so let's hope
yes for rain
all the plants in the garden are budding and blooming
way too early so it will be an empty summer if they all come out now
the farmers are worried that a cold spell will come and kill all the crops
it could still happen

poor Gaia what have we done to you

don't remember what this is called
I say Euonymos and husband says not
so let's go with
really really loud and yellow bush lighting up the shadows!!
(after checking it is Euonymous :) )

the Jacob's Ladder outside our room
so pretty....

yup they're here too
and if it rains there will be more

 and the Japanese Maple
has the leaves open and all the flowers
 are in Sammy's tummy by the looks of it!!!!
Sammy the Squirrel

see ya!!