Thursday, March 29, 2012

and we're back!!!

with a recipe for pita bread
home made
yes at home
in the kitchen
in your own oven
anytime you like
fresh and pure

outside the
things have gotten a little hairy at times
heath issues cropping up here and there and a lot of
noggin use necessary
some of the reason
I've been so quiet of late
I am fine
others aren't
but it's getting better
as they say
one day at a time
common sense mostly
and a lifetime of knowing what's right
as of today
it's much better
and if we keep going the way we have the past few days
it will all be well
I may jump in the lake

 and take a hike
baby steps
so to celebrate my sanity
I made MYSELF some
homemade pita bread
coz I could and I wanted to
I found it
on the pinning place and kept it for special time
and today decided it was time to try it

the printer wasn't used
I wrote it down the old fashioned way
on the back of a scrap piece of paper!!! and off into the kitchen I went

pita bread
puffing in de oven
puff puff

 and when it was done
it was still


even if you don't it's very easy and straight forward
I cannot wait to eat a piece
chicken salad
inside a  piece a'pita bread
I made
in my kitchen
with stuff I recognise and can pronounce

I just wrote a whole  rant about the crap food here
but changed my mind and
hit delete
we are, each one of us, responsible for what we put in our mouths
just because they make crap food
doesn't mean you have to eat it

nuff sed!!!
 I'll see you soon
I hope
take care
be good