Tuesday, March 13, 2012


so I wish not to appear ill mannered any more!!!!!
I am not in the mood to blog
 as of late
 so therefore
I have not
but I didn't say so
and that was rude
some of you know I am alive and well and active on line
just not here
I saw this and it reminded me
 to be polite
and say
I will return
very soon
but do still visit and say Hello if so moved!!!!
my stats show that many visit
but none speak
 that's OK
I see you
whoever you are!!!!

hope all is well with you and that Spring has sprung for you too!


MrS wiLD said...

Glad to hear your well & still interneting even though it's not here! Till next time :']

NillaK said...

Yes, I've been here and everywhere I could think of, looking for you... Was starting to think I would have to e-mail you to see if you were still alive!;) Glad that you obviously are, have been missing you a lot! :) Take care, and see you around!

Anonymous said...

Yes I have been worried about you. Haven't seen you post anything on you blog in awhile. Hope all is well with you. Have missed you.
cathy ed4448

T's Daily Treasures said...

I wondered what you were doing over there. I've been so busy this past week that I haven't been able to visit much. Am glad for the weekend again. We've had dusty weather all week and it got worse again today. Good reason to stay home in pj's. :) Take care. Tammy

Andi said...

You are never rude. Sometimes we all need to step away for a bit. If your not feeling it, then you not feeling it. And that's ok! :)

Valeria said...

hi hi rude nehhh
im still here but a little busy with work ,school ,big home and the kids .... help whanted here in Norway ,but still looking so much forward to my trip back home its getting close to it
have a good weekend my friend