Tuesday, March 20, 2012

and so it begins...

once again the earth turns
 and they declare that it is now
even though this year
in this neck of the woods
 it came with the new year

as I was cooking dinner last evening I noticed the
Japanese Maple is budding
new leaves and little flowers
a squirrel was eating them which is what made me notice
of course by the time I got the camera the
muncher was gone
but a Cardinal flew in

albeit for a second or two
but they are active and noisy and are in nest building mode
I filled the feeder with their favourite food so they will be around for sure
they just have to get used to me spying on them
this one looks to be a brand new one
he's clean and bright and very skittish and I haven't seen a female with him
so he must be looking
coz he sure talks a lot

the other bushes are budding and blooming too
way too early
but this is the new weather now
all out of sync and all in the wrong place
and we better get used to it

that bird house was for the
Eastern Blue birds
but the squirrels had other ideas and now it's just for show!!!
the bush in the background is the Spirea

I picked a few daffodils on Sunday
actually this is a narcissus
the leaves have been up since January
but the flowers took longer
you can see they are ready to be thrown out
should have left them in the ground!!
but it's hard not to bring them in

along with a sprig or two from the
plum tree
and the
spirea bush

and look what else I spied
 as I cooked last evening


Dawn said...

Beauty everywhere.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha! Looks like it was a beautiful day! Everyone and everything out and about. Have a great week. Tammy

Anonymous said...

Love that view!

Andi said...

Crazy humans, always trying to get in the shots!
Love all your flowers. That cardinal is fantastic!

NillaK said...

What a pretty bird! I just saw a gray one through my window, picking up some of last years chives for his nest. And my pigeons have returned, I can hear them as I write. Not so happy about the jackdaws settling in as usual though... Simply too many of them around. Love to see how different your spring is from mine. Happy to see you blogging! :)

Valeria said...

awww i love this time of the year ,everything is coming to life lovely ,i whant those white flowers :)))