Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wagon Wheels Hooooo

The Wagon Wheel Square,
that I copied from
Attic24's post about the
old book she was looking at,
is my version of what I saw on her blog.
I have not bothered to look up the pattern, and I am sure there is one somewhere,
but I thought I would just write what I did.

(I write ch 2/3 because it depends on your yarn and needle size as to whether 2 or 3 chains are needed to reach the height of your stitch. I also have started using hdcs because I find them less "floppy" than dcs. Use whichever stitch you like, remember, I made this up from looking at a picture, so it's open to interpretation!! I also use US terms, because, quite frankly, I don't know the UK ones.)

Chain 8
join with sl st

chain 2/3 and make 16 hdc into ring.

 change colour.
Join into any space between hdc with slip stitch

chain 2/3 and hdc ch1 into each space around.
(16 hdc 16 ch1 spaces)

change colour
Join with slip stitch and ch 3 (makes first dc)
make 2 dc in same space.
make 3 dc in next space and each space around
(45 dc)

change colour
join with sl st and chain 3.
make sc, ch 3 into space between dc groups 3x
in next loop (corner) ch 6 and 3sc again into 3 loops, all the way around.

change colour
join with slip stitch into any ch 3 space and make 3sc into each ch3 loop 3x
in corner make 3 sc chain 2 3 sc

change colour
join in any sc and make sc in all sc around block.Fasten off
and you should have your own
Wagon Wheel....
If you click on the photo you can see the stitches clearly and count them too!
(I didn't block it)

good luck and show me what you make.
If there is a mistake or it doesn't make sense
let me know and we'll sort it out.