Friday, February 5, 2010

more wiggle wiggles

Here is the wiggle rug
I haven't really been working on it, but when I do it's surprisingly easy and fast.
 I made the base the size I thought it should be and started going around the outer edge.
I made the base out of cotton
and am using acrylic yarn.
I am also doing hdc because I think the dc proper would be too tall and get too matted.

Anyway, showing it will encourage me to finish it
and with the threat of the "storm of all time" upon us, AGAIN, I may get more done than I planned!!
I am also completely hooked on making photo mosaics and am looking through the books I have and little ideas keep creeping in causing me to make various and sundry squares.
Maybe by the time this winter is over I will have a rug comprised of squares, wiggles and who knows what.
This is why the top of my page says
"where inspriation turns to chaos"
I must learn to focus.!!