Monday, February 22, 2010

New week...

Where does time go?
It seems to be going faster
every day.
Guess age is showing...

Well, theroomontheleft
is back in place.
Sorted, dusted and feeling much better.
We took all the junk
up to Goodwill on Saturday
and you will be surprised to hear
Oh, there were things I could have picked up
and brought home,
but this time I let my head lead
and left it all behind.
I of course regret a couple of things,but I will survive!
I had decided to buy a bunch of flowers
when we were at the grocery store,
but I think $20 is a bit much for a half dead
smelly bunch of lime green somethings,
so I got a small neon pink begonia.
I need some colour
and it fit the bill!
Not my favourite colour
but you know what they say about beggars...
The prayer plant was happy to see it!!

The weather was absolutely lovely over the week end.
The sun shone and the air was warmish and the dripping continued.
I even sat outside and had my coffee when we got back from the store. What a treat!
The icicles have vanished and the snow is receding.
Rather like a old man's hair line.
Slowly but surely.

A friend called and asked if I had any necklaces,
she needed one to give to somebody...
so I sat down in the mess and made one
and mailed it to her! Haven't played with my beads for quite a while and it felt good......maybe I'll get them out this week...

I am including a photo or three of what I did over the week end. The book I mentioned was a bit of a disappointment
and I got very frustrated trying something new, so I did something easy.....

Two knitted cloths,
the yellow one needs it's back

A paper bird made with magazine pages...
(I don't know...)

Something that just happened while
I was talking on the phone..
it would make a good card.

And some paper balls,
made with more magazine pages.

So, along with cooking and wiggle-ing and cheering for all the wonderful Olympians...that week is gone....
a new week has begun.