Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got a new book

so I am scouring it for new things.....already found one and if my hands hold out, will have something to show soon. Don't get too excited.....
They just told us there is a storm coming on Monday.....the weather people are almost afraid to talk these days!!! 50% chance of snow, he said and then ducked!!!!!
The geese on the lake are having a terrible time finding something to eat. Why they don't fly somewhere else I don't know. It's hard to see them float on the cold water and sit on the ice, looking miserable and somehow lonely. The small birds have the food I put out for them and they are fine. The snow is still piled up all around us and I am so sick of it I can't tell you. But I have a new book to look at and the Olympics to cheer at, and a very happy hubby, who is building another computer.....well he's changing cases. He's giving the one he has to our son who has an old one that came in on the ark!!!!!