Sunday, February 7, 2010

brief encounters

I am not going to bore you with the snow.
It did just that.
A lot.

This morning, while I was catching up with what else had happened in the world while we were cut off,
I heard a very plaintive voice, outside the roomontheleft.
It belonged to the cat next door,
who had found his way over here and was now obviously
lost, cold and a little perplexed by this strange new world he found himself in.
I watch him now and again
as he wanders through the garden,
on his way to the lake.
There, he challenges the Canada Geese, stalks the ducks or chases the squirrels back up the trees.
 In the summer, he unearths a vole, or mole
and spends a little time torturing it
until, very catlike, he leaves it for one of us to step on!!
He is a hunter, and unfortunately he has been successful,
every now and again, with the birds. But that is nature and I just have to forgive him!!
Anyway, once he saw me inside, his cries became louder and more pitiful.

Husband opened the front door and there he was, on the other side, looking for all he was worth like a refugee from Siberia !!? His house is a hop, skip and a jump away, but he can't or doesn't want to walk through the deep snow.
Our little furry one was most put out by the attention we were giving him,
and after a brief encounter,
 through the glass,
she got up
out of bed
She is not amused!

Nor does she feel sorry for him.