Saturday, February 13, 2010

FLtr followed by sc back flip...

In the spirit of
the Olympics,
that's what I did last night,
while watching
the Opening Ceremonies
(and I didn't hurt myself!!!!)

For those of you who are not
hook wielding
the title of this post
refers to crochet stitches.
I have been crocheting ever since I was a young girl.
(Yes a long time)
I can pretty much follow a pattern to it's end and have something to show for it.
Lately, with all the crochet and knitting resurgence
going on, there are books by the dozen being printed
and old and new patterns are being presented.
I look for things I have never tried before
never seen or heard of.
the "wiggle" stitch.
When first viewed it looks
quite old fashioned
and kitchy
but upon making it,
with new yarns and different colours,
it isn't so icky after all!!

I have never FLtr before.
So I tried it.
It is just simply putting the hook through the Front Loop of a stitch and making a triple stitch in it.
The sc "back flip" is my way of describing what happens next.
You turn the tr to the back and use the unused loop of the stich you made the tr in.
Confused and bored.....OK.
I'll show you.....

It was amazingly easy and fast to do.
I have no idea what one would do with it
but there...... my first
"Olympic Ring"
so to speak.
If you want to know how to do it....leave a comment and if there are enough I will post a tute!!! on the stitch
I found the "round" in
"Edie Eckman Crochet Motifs"